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Eyes & Lenses

Eyeglasses are stylish, but you wear them to give you perfect eyesight. In that regard, I’m not shy about the quality of work we do. Nobody in town can match the perfect vision I will give you, and the reason is simple: I’m not a major corporation. I’m your neighbor. I depend on your satisfaction. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, our neighbors will know. International corporations can lose a client or two. Local businesses cannot. Beyond that, personally, my integrity demands that I do everything in my power to make your eyesight perfect.

But the best testimonies aren’t mine. They come from our customers, so click here or click above at “Testimonials.” The link will take you to Yelp, where our customers describe my work.

Thank you for visiting our website. Call me with any questions you may have, or come by, and let’s talk about your eyes.

Mickey Stasey